Handicapped kart

With the disabled kart, you use your hands to accelerate and brake (hand throttle/brake) instead of your feet. Normally these types of karts are only used with recreational purpose. We deploy the handicapped kart within a high-quality competition environment (DRS Nationals 2024), with an emphasis on "Karting as a sport.


Our mission is to make karting as a sport accessible to everyone. Through the disabled kart we hope to offer more people the opportunity to practice karting as a sport. With the DutchRacingSeries (DRS) drivers really shine through their own ability. Everyone drives with exactly the same power, tires, settings and so on. This also applies to the handicapped kart with hand throttle/brake. This makes it a unique opportunity for people with disabilities to participate in kart races just like 'the rest'.


We strive to get more people with disabilities together, to eventually form a team. Endurance races are extremely popular among karters, e.g. a 3-hour race. But these are always done in teams which makes it difficult for people with disabilities to participate. In this way we want to make this race format available to people with disabilities.


Pictures of the DRS disabled kart: