Wat zijn de Dutch Racing Series?

In 2022, we started the Dutch Racing Series. With the goal of making karting races accessible to everyone. So also for those who do not have their own kart and race with a rental kart.
Therefore we have purchased a fleet of 60 new karts to organize (rental) races. Of course on our own kart tracks in Lelystad, Zwolle and Emsburen but also beyond. Because of the mobile concept (the containers in which the karts are placed are easy to transport) we can travel to any kart track in the Netherlands and organize competitions here.

Because the karts are only used for the races, are maintained simultaneously and our revolutionary kart changing system (you change kart every pit stop). The races are as fair as possible. The driver has to make the difference, not the kart.

We distinguish within the Dutch Racing Series 3 different types of races; Club, Nationals, Special.

Welke karts worden er gebruikt?

The DRS races are all run with the special rental karts purchased for this purpose. A total of 60 new karts have been purchased and are only used for the races. This makes the karts as similar as possible to each other and they are serviced at the same time each time. There are 30 Sodi karts with a 390cc Honda engine and 30 Rimo karts. Also with 390cc engines.
Sodi and Rimo are both the top manufacturers of rental karts in Europe and even beyond.

DRS karts:
- Only usable for competitions
- Honda 390cc engine
- 30 Rimo karts, 30 Sodi karts
- Weight system
- Kart changing system

Dutch Racing series Nationals

These are the race weekends you want to be at! Of course you can register for 1 part or for the whole weekend. We organize during the Nationals several sprint races (Junior, FUN and PRO). The sprint races are ridden individually and for a daily classification.
After the sprint races there is a 3-hour endurance race which is run as a team. A team consists of a minimum of 2 people.

DRS Nationals:
- Race weekends (where you can also register for 1 day).
- Fleet of 60 new rental karts
- Sprint races (Junior, FUN, PRO)
- Enduro races (3 hours)
- Opportunities for affiliated karting schools

Dutch Racing series CLUB

These races are held at our own kart tracks in Lelystad, Zwolle and Emsbüren. We offer sprint races (which you drive individually) and endurance races (in teams). These club races are run with the DRS karts, by weight and of course with the kart change system. No club membership is required to participate

DRS Club:
- Races on the tracks of Lelystad, Zwolle and Emsbüren
- Easy accessible; both for FUN and PRO drivers
- With the special DRS karts
- No license or membership required

Dutch Racing series SPECIAL

3 special races a year! Every kart track has a special race every year. For example, in Lelystad we organize the only 24-hour rental kart race in the Netherlands. This race is a highlight every year! Read more.

In Zwolle we organize a 250 lap race in September. A race with the theme of the Hanseatic year. A 250 round race has not been organized before on a kart track in Zwolle! Read more.

And finally, we will organize a real 8-hour endurance race on the newly renovated circuit of Emsbüren. 8 hours of racing against each other on a beautiful big kart track! Read more.

DRS Special:
- Special races (24H, 8H, Hanse 250).
- Single events
- DRS karts
- For FUN and PRO drivers

Dutch Racing Series


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